Psychotherapists are not commodities. While they all have met some minimum testing standards they are not equal in their degree of knowledge, experience, compassion, common sense, life experiences, level of degrees, number and type of certifications, intelligence, compassion, warmth, accessibility, self-exploration, counseling skills, maturity, level-headedness, creativity, research skills, etc... You get the picture.

I have trained over 400 psychotherapists in the greater Houston area teaching graduate school 7 years and acting as the department's clinical coordinator. With a background in mechanical engineering, an MBA, and as a member of Mensa, I bring something unique to the counseling room. Put my hard work ethic, experience, credentials, and logical scientific research-based approach to work for you today.

I will focus on you and see you today or within 24 hours.

Dr. Victor V. Wiesner III, PhD, MBA, LPC, LPC-S, NCC, CCMHC